I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. I got to the office only to realize it is actually Thursday. Not the best start to the day, but it could be much worse.

I have signed up to do a 30 day hot yoga challenge at the studio I’m working at. It starts on April 21st and ends on the 20th of May (right before the long weekend and Jason and my One Year Anniversary!) So up until then I’m trying to get as much done as I can in order to be completely committed for those 30 days.

After my 90 minute yoga class last night, Jason picked me up and we went to his place to play some cards and eat. There was not much in terms of dinner food at his house, so we took a quick inventory of what we had to work with. We decided to get creative with nachos!

Now, firstly, I did not intend to make this a blog entry. But when we got them together, I looked at them and knew they were something special. Secondly, the smell of them broiling in the panggangan was surreal, and when we dug into them, we couldn’t stop until they were all gone!

Tasty Nachos
Whole grain nachos (I wanted to use the gluten free ones from Costco … Next time for sure.)
Marble Cheese
Broccoli, cut in small pieces and blanched
Hot Peppers (we used the ones that come in a jar)
Medium Salsa
Chili Powder

1. Layer as follows:
Chips, cheese, salsa, hot peppers, broccoli, a little more cheese. Sprinkle with Chili Powder.

2. Broil for 3-5 minutes.

3. Eat them all!


I hope you’re doing well! I miss you as always. I am getting very excited for all the trees and grass to turn green, and so many fruits and vegetables to come into season. Have a wonderful weekend.

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